Quality Surveillance
Control of iron-steel and non-ferrous metal products such as bars, logs, pipes, profiles, etc., continuously or periodically according to the customer's preference during production. Ensure that the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the products comply with international standards and conditions of sale contract.

Pre-Loading Surveillance

Stock control of the cargo to be shipped before loading.

Loading Surveillance

Before loading, checking conditions of ship holds, hatch hose tests,

checking loading equipments and methods, quantity determination through weight-bridge and/or draft survey, checking precautions taken to ensure the security of the cargo, hatch sealing & unsealing, sampling and analysis.

Discharging Surveillance

Checking discharging equipments and methods, quantity determination through weighbridge and/or draft survey, sampling & analysis.

Draft Survey

Calculation of net and gross weights of the ship using Archimedean Principles; determining amount of being loaded/ discharged cargo.

Shipment Surveillance

Surveillance during shipment of material at the stockyard to the port of loading or to the area to be used that discharged from the vessel.

Sampling & Analysis

Sampling in accordance with international standards from the material during in warehouse and / or in loading / discharging operations and analysis of the sample in internationally recognised laboratories that we deal with.

On Hire / Off Hire Survey

Determination of general conditions of Vessel / Bunker survey.

In On-Hire & Off-Hire,determining amount of oil and controlling general conditions of vessel.

Container Inspection

Checking the suitability of container(s) and safety precautions for loading and carriage

Damage Survey

Watertightness Control

Sealing & Unsealing

Tally Survey

All services are provided in the frame of the terms of the contract between the parties and/or in the frame of generally accepted international standards relevant to the product subject to surveillance.

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