What is surveillance?

Surveillance is the determination to which extent the

  • Quantity,
  • Quality,
  • Packaging,
  • Labeling,
  • Loading,
  • Transport,
  • Delivery period, etc. provided in the sales contract of a commercial commodity to be delivered to buyer, was actually carried out in conformity with what was specified in the contract, procured by the buyer and the seller to a “Surveillance Company”.

What are the benefits of surveillance?


  • Can provide important conveniences to exporters and importers, in following aspects:
  • Determination to which extent the commodity demanded by the buyer are in conformity with which was specified in the contract made with the importer and/or importer of the commodity in question, or with the provided standards, before and/or after the delivery of the commodity,
  • Prevention of disputes which may occur between the parties in the future, and therefore, of the loss which may be caused by these disputes,
  • Ability to make price adjustments when necessary,

Why to prefer Metro?

It timely intervenes to the deficiencies occurring during the production and in the production stage and ensures the prevention of commodities, which are not at the desired quality standards.

It ensures the determination of the commodity’s state by the producer or the exporter, before the shipment or right before its delivery to the buyer. By courtesy of this, the shipment of the commodity not fulfilling the desired quality measures are prevented, and the occurrence possibility of future problems such as the commodity being returned, low-price sale, is significantly reduced.

It issues an independent, objective, reliable report on the state and quality control of the commodity in question, and thus gives a sense of security to both the buyer and the seller, and reduces the possible post-sale defects to a minimum.

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